Simone Walsh is a graduate of the College of Art & Design in Dublin. She is a visual artist who has developed her own unique style which captures the vibrancy and transparency of colour. Simone first came to national prominence in 1995 when two of her art campaigns, “Green Island” and “Naturally Guinness” were used in national advertising promotions.

Simone WalshHer paintings are colourful, fun and eye-catching. She offers a new way of looking at scenes that are familiar to all us, from familiar landscapes to Irish kitchens. Simone now works from a studio near Bridgetown and creates hugely popular prints of her original paintings.

In 2012 Simone contacted Wexford Local Development to enquire about supports which could be available to help develop her artistic business. Wexford Local Development are very supportive of the local art and crafts sectors and we were happy to assist Simone’s work. We provided grant aid under the LEADER programme to develop a new e-commerce store to help promote and sell Simone’s wonderful creations as well helping her to purchase a range of computer and printing equipment which will increase the range and quality of artistic prints she can sell.

Wexford Local Development are proud to support innovative artists like Simone Walsh and to help develop and promote Wexford’s crafts sector. The LEADER Programme has offered a strong support to the arts and crafts sectors in Co. Wexford since 1991 and Wexford Local Development hope to continue offering this support for many years to come.

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