We offer three main types of assistance to local community groups who are developing local projects and actions to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Grant assistance is available through the LEADER Programme under a series of specific calls for funding applications covering a range of community actions

Technical project development support is available for local projects through the SICAP Programme, which concentrates on specific communities where there are higher levels of social need. Development of small-scale projects focusing on children and young people is a priority, as well as the development of local facilities that improve local access to education, training, employment and enterprise opportunities

Work placements are available through TUS enabling local groups to access workers to help deliver benefits to the local community. For example placements can be in facilities maintenance or administration or to assist local volunteers with their plans and actions

Volunteers can be sourced to help your group or to assist with specific projects by registering with the Wexford Volunteering Information Service. This online service is managed by Wexford Local Development and matches volunteers with specific roles