Wexford Local Development’s core purpose explicitly references its commitment to addressing inequality through all its actions. The core purpose of the company is “to enable specific individuals and communities to achieve a better social and economic quality of life by improving their opportunities for employment and by addressing inequality”.

We are committed to a programme of action in order to ensure that this commitment is understood and delivered by all while also ensuring that the commitment is observed – not only to the letter but also in spirit.

Our work in communities seeks to promote this value in all areas of activity and we advocate for the inclusion of the voice of those experiencing inequality, marginalisation and all forms of discrimination, not just in our own work but through inclusion in our action planning, service delivery and wider community & stakeholder networks.

Practical Supports to Groups Promoting Equality

Traveller Programmes – With Co. Wexford having the fifth highest population of Travellers in the state, Wexford Local Development provides a range of complimentary supports to the Travelling Community. The Traveller Community Health Programme delivers health promotion actions directly into local communities. Our Traveller Youth Development project provides supports to young Travellers, principally with an educational focus. Our Traveller Participation Strategy assists Travellers to have their voices heard on decision making structures and our Traveller Community Health workers also deliver Traveller Cultural Awareness training to service providers. We also actively outreach to individual members of the Travelling Community to deliver educational, training, enterprise and employment supports.

Roma Community – Enniscorthy town is home to an estimated 500 members of the Roma Community. Through SICAP we provide tailored supports to individuals with a view to progression into relevant training, education and employment.

We also work with other organisations in Co. Wexford, delivering Roma supports which can include capacity building with the community; assisting to articulate their needs through local decision making structures and through local community networks and by promoting equality