We provide a range of targeted community development supports to local community groups with priority given to specific geographical communities where there are higher levels of need.

We also work with groups of people who are considered to have higher levels of barriers to social inclusion – such as Lone Parents,  People Seeking International Protection/migrants/Refugees, Travellers, Roma & People With Disabilities.

These communities often have high levels of unemployment; they lack of access to transport and other services; have higher numbers of children and/or older people and levels of education tend to be below average; equality of opportunity is below what is considered to be the norm in Irish society.

Oftentimes community facilities and services in the area are lacking or inaccessible to those who need them most and additional resources are required to strengthen these communities to have their voices heard with decision makers.

Our three main areas of Community supports include:


Help to Develop and Strenghten Your Group

We work at local level to build the practical skills and capacity of groups, volunteers and committees who operate in specific geographical communities  as well as groups whose work benefits specific communities such as People With Disabilities, Lone Parents, New Communities, Travellers, Young People, Disadvantaged Women and the Unemployed.

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Develop Local Projects

There are a number of ways we support communities to develop and deliver local projects to improve the quality of life in your community, whether it be by accessing funding for facilities, training or specific capital projects through the LEADER Programme  or by sourcing a part-time worker to help your group through TUS. We also offer practical assistance to groups who are developing small-scale projects such as after-schools groups, youth groups or  women’s/men’s groups & we can also help to source additional funding streams for your local project under the SICAP Programme.

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Promoting Equality

The core purpose of Wexford Local Development focuses on addressing inequality. We offer intensive supports to communities who, for various reasons, may have limited access to opportunities for employment, education, services or facilities.We also support groups to be inclusive of all members of the community.

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WLD Community Development supports are available in Wexford’s five municipal districts

For further information on what we offer in your local area please contact:

Marie Louise Byrne
Community Development Coordinator
Sandra Walsh
Wexford District Community Development Worker
John Kelly
Gorey District Community Development Worker
Emily O'Rourke
Rosslare District Community Development Worker
Enid Woolmington
New Ross District Community Development Worker
Julie Grant
Enniscorthy District Community Development Worker
Julia Syrotenko
Intercultural Community Development Worker
Olga Iamtsun
Intercultural Community Development Worker
Wael Al Sakka
Intercultural Community Development Worker
Catherine McGrath
Community Engagement Worker- Bunclody
Laurentiu Ion
Intercultural Health Community Worker
Eileen Dake
LEADER Project Officer
Mary Dunphy
LEADER Project Officer
Laura Myles
North Wexford Traveller Community Health Programme Worker
Margaret Doyle
South Wexford Traveller Community Health Programme Worker
Elizabeth Berry
North Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Josie Cash
North Wexford Traveller Community Health Wexford
Alice Connors
South Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Maggie Connors
South Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Nan Connors
South Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Bridget Connors
North Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Polly Connors
South Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker
Nan Moorehouse
South Wexford TRaveller Community Health Worker
Bridget Wall
North Wexford Traveller Community Health Worker