leader-logo The LEADER Programme 2014-2020 in County Wexford aims to provide rural communities, small enterprises and social enterprises with grant aid which supports developments in areas and sectors as set out in the Wexford Local Development Strategy.  The programme is now open for applications, with funding available for enterprise and community projects.
The application process is competitive with no guarantee of applicants being awarded grant aid.

Enterprise Projects

Funding is available for niche start-up and expanding businesses across a range of sectors.  WLD is now seeking applications for funding from niche enterprises such as general enterprise, food & beverage producers, tourism attractions, craft/creative industries, renewable energy and farm diversification.  Businesses (up to 100 employees) can apply for up to €200,000 grant aid.

Enterprise applications are now accepted on a rolling call basis.  Applications are preceded by completing and returning an Enterprise Applicants Expression of Interest Form 2018.  It is advisable to contact Tom Bermingham or Helena Dempsey to discuss whether your business is eligible for LEADER funding.

A total fund of €1.2 million in LEADER grant aid is now available in 2020 for the development of new & existing niche businesses. Grants of up to €200,000 are available to eligible businesses with up to 100 employees. For information please contact Helena Dempsey on 087 173 7502 or Tom Bermingham on 085 823 9314

Community Projects

To allocate remaining balances in the community fund in the final months of the current LEADER Programme, the LEADER community section is currently open to applications from community groups under a rolling call.  If your group has a project that has the following items in place, your group may qualify to apply for funding:

For all proposed projects/areas of spend:

  • Have evidence of your 25% matching funds in bank and evidence of bridging finance for the full project
  • Full community development plan in place

For proposed projects involving construction works:

  • Confirmation of ownership or lease agreement 
  • Evidence of planning permission or exemption for the project

Due to limited funds remaining, this rolling call will only remain open to enquiries until Wednesday 2nd September 2020.

Please email Mary Dunphy at mdunphy@wld.ie or Eileen Dake at edake@wld.ie, including details of your project and affirming the above items are in place.  


Processed Applications & Grant Awards

Wexford Local Development was delighted to support communities to access LEADER funding in 2017-19:

  • Arts & Culture projects – Total fund allocated to 21 community groups €265,969.56
  • Playgrounds/Outdoor Gyms – Total fund allocated to 13 community groups €377,408.44
  • Youth Facilities – Total fund allocated to 10 community groups €193,000.00
  • Community Facilities –  Total fund allocated to 22 community groups €1,316,443.52
  • Village enhancements – Total fund allocated to 4 community groups €115,865.36
  • Walking Trails – Total fund allocated to 15 community groups €346,311.85
  • Biodiversity – Total fund allocated to  community group €75,492.01
  • Recreational Facilities – Total fund allocated to 4 community groups €112,780.99

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If you have a project in mind, we strongly advise you to contact one of our project officers to have an informal chat about your project idea.  Phone WLD on 053 9155800, or email at leader@wld.ie.
Tom Bermingham
Enterprise Projects Officer (Wexford & Gorey Areas)
Helena Dempsey
Enterprise Projects Officer (New Ross & Enniscorthy Areas)
Eileen Dake
Community Project Officer (New Ross & Wexford Areas)
Mary Dunphy
Community Project Officer (Gorey & Enniscorthy Areas)
Marian Furlong
LEADER Compliance Officer
Tara Fox
LEADER Compliance Support Officer