The Little Jobs Service is operated by the TÚS Programme and aims to provide small maintenance, repairs and gardening jobs in the homes of older  and vulnerable people throughout County Wexford and on the grounds of community voluntary and social enterprises who also need a helping hand in the community.

To qualify for the service you will need to be in receipt of either a state pension or a non-contributory pension.

The subscriptions for the coming year 2024 are as follows:

  • Resident in receipt of Fuel Allowance – €90.00
  • Resident with no Fuel Allowance, with standard gardens & can be maintained within one hour – €130
  • *Resident with larger garden – Priced on request


*Larger Gardens are classed over 250 Square meters and up to 300 square meters which cannot be maintained within one hour. Larger gardens will be priced on an individual basis and we are happy to provide an estimate. There is no call out charge for our service.  The householder will be required to pay for any materials used.

The service provides the following small repairs and maintenance:

  • Power washing small areas
  • Installing handrails
  • Moving items to an attic
  • Hanging curtains, curtain poles
  • Moving furniture
  • Tacking down carpets
  • Weeding and other small outdoor jobs
  • Grass cutting in small gardens
  • Potting plants
  • Home security and safety measures such as, installing security chains on doors and installing non-wired smoke alarms.

For further information please contact:

Little Jobs Service Susan Finnerty 087 1707347  Email