Walking is a social activity which has grown hugely in popularity in recent years. Walking is popular because anyone can do it regardless of their fitness levels and it is the cheapest form of exercise available – all you need are a pair of shoes or runners! Walking is also a very social exercise because it allows friends and neighbours to meet and chat while walking.

One of the difficulties for walkers is finding a safe environment to walk. In many communities the only place available to walk is on the road, which can be dangerous because of high levels of traffic. Wexford Local Development has helped a number of local communities to develop community walking facilities under the most recent LEADER programme. These facilities are purpose built walking tracks which are built around local sports fields or community parks. These walking tracks are well light and allow member of the local community to meet and walk without worrying about meeting fast and dangerous cars on the roads.

The walking tracks we have helped local communities to develop have proved to be extremely popular and are enjoyed by all ages – from toddlers to pensioners. These facilities are a great example of Wexford Local Development’s ability to response to local community needs and to assist communities to develop the facilities that their local residents ask for.

Pictured below are Pat Rath, Chairman of Wexford Local Development and Ben Doyle from the Newbawn Community Field Committee inspecting the walking track, funded by WLD, which was recently opened in Newbawn.

Newbawn Walking Track

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