Wexford Local Development (WLD) is one of 48 Local Development Companies in Ireland.  We deliver a range of interlinked programmes on behalf of local and national Government to address the needs of individuals and communities across the life cycle within County Wexford.

We are a community based organisation working for County Wexford.  We are committed to making a positive impact across the county by promoting employment, inclusion, supporting enterprise and addressing inequality. Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20068691

Our Core Purpose is:

“To enable specific individuals and communities to achieve a better social and economic quality of life by improving their opportunities for employment and by addressing inequality”.

Our Vision is:

“To be a highly effective and innovative community based, people centered, organisation”.

Wexford Local Development is funded by a number of Government agencies and Departments to deliver a range of programmes which address unemployment, educational disadvantaged, community development in areas of socio-economic disadvantage, rural development, enterprise development, improve energy efficiency amongst low income households, and tackle substance misuse and criminal behaviour.  Our programmes engage and provide support to:

  • Individuals, from specific groups including the unemployed, lone parents, people with a disability, new communities, members of the Travelling community, people involved in substance misuse and/or criminal behaviour and young people by providing opportunities to avail of lifelong learning, personal development and employment supports and facilitating their participation in their local community.
  • Children and families living in disadvantaged areas, by providing services and educational opportunities in the places where they live.
  • Community groups, by assisting them to promote equality, improve local facilities and services provision and represent the people of their area and their issues in decision making structures, and
  • Enterprises, by providing access to schemes such as the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, mentoring and business development skills under SICAP and training and grant aid under the LEADER programme.

All of the activities and programmes that we deliver are informed and shaped by the following strategic objectives:

  • To contribute to the achievement of EU2020 targets for poverty reduction by developing a range of programmes at local level which are needs-driven and which support people to participate more fully in society and in the economy;
  • To work for greater equality of access, uptake and outcome of opportunities by marginalised groups through advocacy, the provision of supports and which support people to participate more fully in society and in the economy;
  • To work together with other local stakeholders to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations to influence the development of more effective and informed public service provision which will in turn reduce poverty and inequality in County Wexford.